Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Dart community update - week ending 23rd July 2012

A little later than planned this week, but it seems that once again there has been lots going on in Dart, with a new library syntax in the works, Dartlang gets a chatroom on StackOverflow, and also make sure you check out the new DartGameDevs Google group.

News from around the Dart Community

Jacob Deichert updated his Castles game
Sam McCall has created a dart-js interop library
Kevin Moore has been creating QR codes in Dart
Bernahrd Pichler has added experimental particle animation to DartFlash
Adam Smith has found that mirrors are compiled into the Dart VM
Brandon Donnelson has been updating his Dart Examples website with a basic library structure
Adam Smith has also put together a quick guide to building Dart.exe on win32.
Justin Fagnani has created a dart-collab sample app allowing you to edit a document concurrently
Rikulo library for Dart development has had some interesting posts.
Once again, apologies if I've missed anything - let me know!


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  2. Hi,
    I have created an IoC Container for Dart called AutoDart, plus an Event Aggregator in a library called dart-decouple.

    Please take a look at it here, and post it in your blog if you didn't mind

    Naiem Yeganeh