Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly (ha!) community update, week ending 9th August 2012

I hadn't realised how long it was since my last community update (and holidays have got in the way, so I'm playing catchup). There has been lots going on, both with the Dart language, and out in the development community.
Big news items are
Also, don't forget to watch Dartisans episode 9, where you can find out about Mirrors and Isolates.

Community News

Naiem Yeganeh has created an IoC container for Dart called Auto Dart, and an event aggregator, both in the Dart-Decouple library:
Brandon Donnelson's dart examples site has loads of new examples:
The Dartisans broadcasts are now available as podcast feeds for iTunes:
Nicolas Francois created an HTML5 canvas demo with Dartrix
PureMVC framework is is released as a production version
Lars Tackmann has renamed CQRS4Dart to DartStore
Brandon Donnelson has also started on a lightweight Dart Rest API, called BRest
Adam Smith has created stats.dart to provide an infobox for code performance in the browser
Linq-Dart from SeditiousTech is now available in Github
Justin Fagnani found a Space Invaders clone in Dart (I think by Jimmy Pettesrson)
John Evans and John Messerly have been discussing mirrors in Dartium:

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