Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Dart community update - 2nd October 2012

It is nearly a year since the public release of Dart. In the week that Microsoft launches typescript, their language in the "complex web application" language space, there has been lots going on in the Dart world.

News from the #dartlang community

  • John McCutchan has created a ScalarList Utils library
  • +Andreas Ölund and +Robert Åkerblom-Andersson have launched DartVoid for easily deploying and hosting Dart apps
  • PureMVC Dart port has been released as version 2.0.0
  • Adam has created a funky 3d weblg cat example with three.dart
  • John McCutchan has created a fast physics animation using Native Client and Dart
  • John McCutchan has also discussed the latest release of Dart Vector Math library (0.9) which now supports pub, and is has lots of API and performance tweaks
  • Richard Griffith has blogged about using Dart for "Exploring the Partials Sums of Fourier Series"
  • Adam spotted some new libraries in the continuous Dart docs api, including
  • Henri Chen has just published a blog about the Dart specific enhancements to Rikulo EL.
  • John Evans has launched a demo site called Switchy, demonstrating some of the princpals of BuckshotUI
  • Matthew Butler has created a set of "complete these tests" to help with learning Dart syntax and concepts
  • Paul Brauner has discussed his pattern matching library, which supports (among other things) views similar to extractors in Scala or active patterns in F#

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