Friday, December 21, 2012

Dart Community News, 21st Dec 2012

Christmas Kitten!
Well, we all survived the latest end of the world, so welcome to a festive edition of Dartwatch community news. In case you missed it, the big news is that Dart has now reached Milestone 2 - Dart is another step closer to being ready for prime-time, and you can read all about the milestone 2 changes on the dartlang website*. Grab the latest version of the Dart Editor, and get coding!

* Also, check out the Japanese translation of Dart Milestone 2 What's New - 勝手翻訳, by +Naoto Tadano

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Latest Dart News

  • Buckshot, a Dart UI framework that WPF developers will find familiar, now has a TodoMVC demo.

  • +Kevin Moore's "Pop Pop Win" Dart Game is now available as a Chrome Packaged App on the webstore. (that's an app that looks like native app)

  • +Chris Buckett's book (yes, that's me), 'Dart in Action' has finally gone to print.

Happy Holidays from Dartwatch

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