Community Dart Packages and Examples

Dart Packages and Examples

A list of dart packages / libraries that are available for building dart apps. Have I missed something, or do you want to add your project? Ping me an email at chrisbuckett at, or at drop me a G+ message at +ChrisBuckett.
This list is also held on github at: - Feel free to send pull requests for changes.
Last updated: 04/ Jan / 2013

Dart Source Code

Community Built Libraries and Frameworks

The following have been released publicly on code hosting sites or their own websites, but please check the individual licences from the authors:

UI building

Mobile development

Language Utilities and Extensions

3d geometry

Database Drivers

Object relation mappers / Object document mappers


Data Formats

HttpServers (inc Rest frameworks)




External API integration

Unit Testing

Application Design

Game Engines


Google APIs

  • Google API library ported to Dart
    • Currently supports the following APIs (as at 29th Aug 2012)
      • Ad Exchange Buyer API v1
      • AdSense Management API v1.1
      • Google Analytics API v3
      • Google Play Android Developer API v1
      • Enterprise Audit API v1
      • BigQuery API v2
      • Blogger API v3
      • Books API v1
      • Calendar API v3
      • Compute Engine API v1beta12
      • Google Maps Coordinate API v1
      • CustomSearch API v1
      • DFA Reporting API v1
      • APIs Discovery Service v1
      • Drive API v2
      • Freebase API v1
      • Fusion Tables API v1
      • Google Affiliate Network API v1beta1
      • Groups Settings API v1
      • Google Latitude API v1
      • Enterprise License Manager API v1
      • Moderator API v1
      • oauth2 v2
      • Orkut API v2
      • Page Speed Online API v1
      • Google+ API v1
      • Prediction API v1.5
      • Search API For Shopping v1
      • Google Site Verification API v1
      • Cloud Storage API v1beta1
      • TaskQueue API v1beta2
      • Tasks API v1
      • URL Shortener API v1
      • Google Web Fonts Developer API v1
      • YouTube API v3alpha
      • YouTube Analytics API v1beta1


  1. Great Job !!!!

    It would be nice to have dart:html (and so on)for offline use too

    (or,am I missing something ?
    I know Dart's targeting experienced programmers but,there are beginners (or almost) too... (like me sort of !) :D
    Ok, I'm waiting for "Dart up and running" to be printed ! )
    (thanks for the work, from France : I'll make a french website for Dart when I'll be "up and running too" :D

    1. Thanks.

      Take a look at pub - Dart's package manager.
      This allows you to specify which dependencies your app uses (including git dependencies) - and pub pulls them all locally for you to code against.

      If you're specifically looking for offline app examples (rather than offline coding), take a look at Dart in Action!

      For French Dart resources, try following this on G+

  2. Note that your link to Dart-Linq generates a 404 error. The correct link is here: